Manufacturing Haircare Products


Great hair can mean the difference between feeling ordinary and extraordinary. Woman and men are taking better care of their hair than ever before. Good hair days are a must have.

Every hair care product is unique in the sense that it has a specific function. Shampoo is meant to remove dirt and sebum from your hair. Conditioners are meant to add shine, protect hair from drying out and allow for easier combing. Even if you never or seldom visit a hairdressing salon, you still have to wash and condition your hair.
EVERYONE uses shampoo and conditioner; even the family pets use pet hair shampoo and pet hair conditioner!
Manufacturing hair care products is not difficult at all. You will need a mixer, chemicals and other material to manufacture the products. We will supply you with the name and contact details of suppliers in South Africa.
If you are only going to produce 20 liters of the product at a time for use in your hair salon, you can mix by hand in a plastic drum. It you want to make bigger quantities it is best mixed with a machine which will cost you about R7000.00 to purchase.  With such a hair care mixer you will be able to mix a hundred litre of hair shampoo in 30 minutes. 
What I am saying is that every 30 minutes you can make 100 litre of hair shampoo! You can now rinse the mixer and start making for instance hair conditioner, which will also take 30 minutes to make. After rinsing the mixer you can proceed to mixing hair tonic, after that hair food, hair tonic or hair spray and so forth. This means that in a day, you can mix many Hair Care Formulas, in the quantity that you desire. The hair care mixing machines are durable and can mix the whole day long!
We can help you to start a Hair Care Manufacturing Business. You can even decide to start a Hair Dressing Salon, make the hair shampoos and conditioners yourself and save a lot of money. No more waiting for orders or hearing that the stock you need is not currently available.
Obviously you will need training on how to mix and manufacture hair care products. It usually takes about two days to learn how to combine the hair care formulas so that it makes quality hair care products.
You can either do a Hair Care Manufacturing Workshop Course at our training center in Randfontein, Gauteng,  or we can send you by overnight courier, a Hair Care Home Study Course that will enable you to learn how to manufacture hair care products in the comfort of your own home.
What will you receive when you do a Hair Training Course or Purchase a Hair Care Home Study Course
You will receive continuous telephonic, fax or e-mail support for 3 months from the date that you attended the Hair Care Manufacturing Workshop Course or bought Hair Care Manufacturing Home Study Course.
If during this 3 month period, your problem cannot be solved with faxes, e-mail or telephone, you may make an appointment to see a lecturer at the workshop who will assist you with your problem. 
We Supply you with 2 Manuals that are written in plain, easy to understand language. 
We Supply you with Hair Care Formulations that are simple to follow. We supply pre-calculated formulas providing you with the percentages and quantities and all the weights and measurements. We have done all the work for you. This means that if you can follow simple directions, you can make the products!  
You will receive a List of suppliers of everything that you will need to start and run your new business
Every hair care formula will describe the product and how to use it.
You will receive Telephonic mentorship for 3 months from 08H00 to 18H00 Monday to Friday.